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Haile Gebereselase On Seifu Show Part 2

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Published by Admin in Seifu on EBS


Haile Gebereselase On Seifu Show Part 2

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  • Amare Added Here are some comments on this interview
     First of all, What Haile has done in the arena of Athletics will never be matched by any one, he is and will always be ‘the one and only’ in that sphere.
     When it comes to matters related to politics, Haile should not fill he should qualify his support to the current government in such a lame way that he did in this show. He has every right to support the current government, for whatever reason he wants to do so ( he might genuinely think that this government has the best interest of the country and its people at heart, and that they are doing everything they can; or he may believe in his heart that this is a bad government, but pretends to support them to protect his multi-billion Birr investment in the country) Either of this two cases are understandable looking at the many people who are way more educated than him, who have been serving this government as good ‘azmaries’ .
     Having said all this, there is one thing Haile should know. He should not feel ashamed of his political stance-If he is a supporter of TPLF, he should just say it, period!!! But he should know that there will be people who would love him for having this stance, and others who would hate him for the same stance, and live with this fact. He cannot have his cake and eat it too.
     He should spare us the lecture that we should support them when they do good…blah …blah…blah…If he thinks building the GERD gives them a pass to do what they have done at qilinto prison and at the Erecha event…then …
     Why does Haile think the only option the people of Ethiopia would have is between a repressive government and no government at all? There is a third choice, namely having a democratic, law abiding government….People demanding for their God given rights will never result in a case similar to where Syria is today. A brutal dictatorship trying to overstay its welcome, is what would cause a destruction similar to what is going on now in Syria.
     Haile has long killed and buried his chance to be respected and listened to as an independent, neutral, impartial mediator (Shimagle) with what he did in the aftermath of election 2005. So ....there you have it!
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