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TechTalk With Solomon S6 E1 - UFOs and Bermuda Triangle

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Published by Admin in TechTalk With Solomon


TechTalk With Solomon S6 E1 - UFOs and Bermuda Triangle

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  • Yonatan Added I like ur show sol
  • mihreteab Added hi sol selam neh ኣንድ ነገር መጠየቅ ፈልጌ ነበር ቡዙ ሰዉ እየተሸወደ ነዉ ያለዉ ኣንድ ዌብሳይት ኣለ ሰዎች የሚሉት ኣድቨርታይዝ ነዉ ከ ኣድቨርታይዙ 10 ሳንቲም የ ኣሜርካን ዶላር ታገኛለህ ይላሉ በኣንድ ደቂቃ 2 ዶላር ትሰበስባለህ ኦን ላይን ከ ኣንድ ሰዓት እስከ 5 ሰዓት ከቆየህ 300 ዶላር ታገኛለህ ይላሉ ሰለሙን እስኪ አሄን ዌብሳይት ተመልከተዉ http://uvemoney.club/2861424210365/ እና ሪሊ እውነት ነዉ ወጣቱ ስራ ፈተዋል አዛ ዌብሳይት ላይ ነዉ የሚዉለዉ አና በ ኢሜል ኣድራሻ እዉነታዉን ላክልኝmiki.mihreteab@gmail.com ማወክ እፈልጋሎህ አነም የሱ ሰለባ እንዳልሆን በማይረባ ግዜን እንዳላባክን እባክህ እባክህ እባክህ
  • siscojanbo@gmail.com Added waw solo betam merete program new samsung s4 IMei wotobegn neber eman restore aderegew alegeba alegn mafete kalew
  • mebratu Added the most I like program in ebs tv
  • Eyerusalem Added I like all you're programs !!!!!! what is cyber physical system &background?p/s
  • Ayichiluhim Negash Added i like all the episodes and you are best & i want to know more about air forse &fighting jets tanks
  • Abel Shumet Added sol you're so tallented man my family respect tnx for everything. pice
  • filmon Added i really aprtiate u
  • yeabsira mekbib Added best episode ever. my daddy like u so much. # big n much respect