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Helen Show Inspiring Family Story- Remarkable Journey with Autism

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Published by Admin in Helen Show


Helen Show Inspiring Family Story-  Remarkable Journey with Autism

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  • Freweiny Debas Added Dear Helen,
    first off all, I love your show I became addicted to your show , it's very Educational program.
    I watch repeatedly to the family programme who have 2 children's with Autism, they are truly Remarkable and inspiring family.
    I also have 7 years old child who have global delays, possible Autism Spectrum. and I was wondering if you could pass my e-mail to the Remarkable family, if they could give me advise and I can also pass to another family who is going through the same thing .
  • Solomon Mesgina Added Yes it is a remarkable journey what a great Family Thanks Helen
  • beti Added Dear Helen,
    I have no word about your program, you are the best, can i get your e-amil adress please

    I am from Addis
  • elias abrham Added I have also same twins autism boys I don't know what to do
  • fasika Added Great Strong Family God bless you!!
  • Beti. Added Helen your the best, it is a good lesson for every body. god bless you all the time with your family.