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Enchewawet With artist Seble Tefera

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Published by Admin in Enechewawet


Enchewawet With artist Seble Tefera

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  • Mamo Mengesha, mamoifesh2@gmail.com Added Where are you located to be visited by a visitor from Ethiopia.
  • feven Added Your comment
  • Redsea megos Added እኔ የናንተ አድናቂ ነኝ ኸኤርትራ ነኝ በርቱ እባካቹ እንዳ ትዘናጉ እኛ የኛ እርፍተን የናንተ ነው ምናየው ስለዚ አይዛቹ
  • kidus mamo Added very nice
  • kid Added betam ewdachualu
  • miky Banned Added were tabezalachu betam
  • amdemichael Added Its nice
  • dany Added it be very good if video from each shows are posted inorder u can look back wat u missed i think its a matter of having a large server cause i an see out shows zat i missed which i cant found them nowhere
  • abey Added why is it fisum asfaw from maleda kokeboch interview has not been posted
  • bezaye Terefe Banned Added Its nice to see you in this way too