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Enchewawet - Valentines Day Special Program part 2

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Published by tsigereda in


Enchewawet - Valentines Day Special Program part 2

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  • Bety Added TG and simone it is not the true story of beginning of valentine day it was stater from Greek,it was a holiday of pagan they celebrate for the evil pan he rap women in forest he was ugly and he used little fallen angel called cubes now a days we saw on post card then transfer to Rome.in Rome they celebrate for there god of fertility and they sacrifice dog and got for there god of fertility on that celebration girls write there name put on jar then men pick girl's name from that jar then she will be his sexual partner for a year after Christianity it changes it style came by the name of valentine day it is not love it is about celebration to the evil. try to see books search about the true store it is not good celebration we have to stop.
  • esayas Added i'm agree what you say about valentine because not our culture you no why valentine is not one day our valentine should be every day this is unacceptable why you said.