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TechTalk with Solomon: Season 12 Episode 5- Dr. Timnit Gebru [Part 2]

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Published by tsigereda in TechTalk With Solomon


Dr. Timnit Gebru is a postdoctoral researcher at Microsoft Research in NY. She received all her three (PhD, Masters and Bachelor's degrees) from Stanford University. Her PhD work was focused on Computer Vision, a discipline in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Featured on The Economist for her research, she was also featured by Forbes as one of the 20 female researchers who are bringing impact the AI field. She will be my guest to talk about her journey and Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy Part one of our conversation!
ዶክተር ትምኒት ገብሩ ባሁን ሰዓት ኒው ዮርክ በሚገኘው የማይክሮሶፍት ምርምር ተቋም ውስጥ በpostdoctoral ተመራማሪነት እያገለገለች ይገኛል። የመጀመሪያ፣ የማስተርስ እና የዶክትሬት ዲግሪዎቿን በኤሌክትሪካል ኢንጂነሪንግ ከስታንፈርድ ዩኒቨርስቲ ተቀብላለች፡፡ የምርምር ስራዋ ኮምፒውተር ቪቭን በተባለ የሰው ሰራሽ ክህሎት (አርቴፊሺያል ኢንተሊጀንስ) መስክ ላይ ያተኮረ ሲሆን፣ ታዋቂው The Economist የምርምር ስራዋን ዘግቦላት ነበር። እንዲሁም ታዋቂው Forbes የመረጃ ተቋም “ሰው ሰራሽ ክህሎት (አርቴፊሻል ኢንተሊጀንስን) ለማሳደግ ከፍተኛ አስተዋጾ እያበረከቱ የሚገኙ ምርጥ ሴት ተመራማሪዎች” ብሎ ከዘገባቸው 20 ሴቶች ውስጥ አንዷ አድርጓታል። የዚህ ሳምንት እንግዳዬ በመሆን ስለ ህይወት ጉዞዋና ስለ ሰው ሰራሽ ክህሎት (አርቴፊሺያል ኢንተሊጀንስ) ታጫውተናለች። የክፍል 1 ጭውውታችን እነሆ!

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