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Tech Talk with Solomon Season 10 EP 9: The Future War

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Published by tsigereda in TechTalk With Solomon


የወደፊቱ ጦርነት እስከዛሬ እንደምናውቀው የየብስ፣ የባህርና የአየር ላይ ውጊያ ብቻ ላይሆን ይችላል። ይልቁን ከኛ እጅግ ርቆና የመሬት ስበት እንኳ በሌለበት ኅዋ ላይ የሚካሄድ፣ ድምጹን በጆሯችን መስማትና ገጽታውን በዓይናችን ማየት የማንችለው ዒላማውን በቀጥታ በሳተላይቶች ላይ የሚያነጣጥረው የኅዋ ጦርነት “Space Warfare” ይሆናል። እነሆ!!

The future war might not only be a weaponry, ground, air and water warfare as we know it today! The future war will stretch well beyond Earth's atmosphere, where we don't hear an explosion of bombs, or see a tragic war scene. It will be a "Space War" where countries might be targeting each other's space satellites. Enjoy!

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