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Tech talk with Solomon season 6 Ep 9

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Published by Admin in TechTalk With Solomon



Description: አንዲት ትንሽ ጠጠር በውሃ ላይ ስትወረውሯት ስትሰምጥ ነገር ግን በምን ተዓምር ነው አንድ እጅግ ግዙፍ የሆነና 4 የእግር ኳስ መጫወቻ ርዝመት ያለው፣ ከ97 ሚሊዮን ኪሎ ግራም በላይ ክብደት ያለው፣ 70 የጦር ጄቶችን ከ4,000 ሰራተኞች ጋር መሸከም የሚችል የጦር መርከብ በውሃ ላይ መንሳፈፍ የሚችለው? 
How come a small piece of rock sinks in water and a BIG military ship that is 3 football field long with more than 97 million KG weight carrying 70 fighter jets and 4000 people on it floats? 

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  • ካሚል ከርሴ Added የሠው ልጅ ከሰራቸው ድንቅ እና ግኡዝ መርከቦች አንዷ ናት
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  • ze fish Added hi sole endet neh ze fish ebalalew programh betam arif kemehonu yetenesa mserabetn suk(ሱቅ) eyezegaw new mketatelew ......gin solye and tyake alechign .......bzu gize slke viber , messenger ena whatsapp etekembetalew bihonm gna battery dekama bemehonu chargerun sekche loud speaker bemadreg etekemalew ena chigir yametabignal wey.........tanx
  • Geleta Wetessa Banned Added Because the water is big.