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Life in America New jersey interview with Ato Eyobe

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Published by Admin in Life In America


Life in America New jersey interview with Ato Eyobe

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  • Betsegaw Tilahun Added Eyob betam enamsgnaln lmkerochk
  • Inspired Added I can in vision your contribution for Ethiopia already. Keep your feet planted in America and shoot for the fastest economy growth STAR of Africa . "Ethiopia. God bless you and your loved ones and my hats off to you my brother for all your exceptional accomplishments. Cheers!
  • Alemu Added Eyob, thanks for sharing your life experience and vision. It is inspirational. I know you are always optimistic. AWESOME,,
  • Messele Tesafatsion Added Lemma please acknowledge your receipt
  • GAGA Added Good bless you Eyob. Betam astemarina .. tiru meker. Asfaw endezih aynet temehert sechi yehonu negeroch akerebelen.
  • josi hailu Added tilik sew nek betam new timirt yewesedkut