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Helen Show- Blended Family: Making Stepfamilies Work

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Published by tsigereda in Helen Show


Helen Show- Blended Family: Making Stepfamilies Work 

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  • Brehanu Added It looks to me the man has left his 2 kids in England to form another family across the ocean. It is all 'happy' here BUT has the show checked on the 2 kids that are left behind?
    How could one say he is a hands on parent while across an Ocean?? It is not as if he will be there when they miss him and want to see him badly. The new wife said long distance relationship is tough, how comes long distance parenting is ok then???
    We often forget how difficult it is for the kids to go through a loose of family especially at this time and age when we live in an individualistic society where the only support often people have is paid professionals, even for them the understanding that science has when it comes to human brain has a long way to go.
    HELEN, I love your show but I must say this one lacks depth, very one sided in that the other kids that have basically lost a dad were not considered.
    For the woman, I applaud you for enticing a man to cross an ocean, but just like you listened to yourself to understand what you exactly wanted, it would have been nice to see things from the point of view of his kids, you basically hijacked heir dad and now you have chained him with a new child. YOU UNCHAINED YOURSELF AT THE COST OF CHAINING 2 YOUNG LIVES. May be some of the people around that you said were NOT happy were trying to tell you this, the mistake they made is, you already know this as your conscious have warned you but you choose to listen.