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HM4Hfacebookelen show is about celebrating and inspiring Ethiopians, Ethiopian -Americans and Africans by facilitating honest conversations and in-depth discussion to Inspire, Inform, Entertain, Educate and Empower viewers to transform and improve  their lives. With wit and compassion, Helen engages her guests to share their thoughts and expertise discussing relevant every day issues ranging from family, career, life style, health and nutrition, geared specifically to Ethiopian and Africans in the continent and Diaspora.

3:00 PM EST and Tuesday 9:00 PM EST


+7 #140 saba Demissie 2013-10-30 17:32
ሄለን፣ ሁሌም ኑሪልኝ፣ ተስፋችን ነሽና፡፡
የኦቲዝም ልጆች እናት የሆነችው ወ/ሮ እልልታ ሀደራ መሰለችኝ ስሟን ከተሳሳትኩ ይቅርታ፡፡ ከእኔ እናትና አባቴ ጋር በጣም ትመሳሰላለች፡፡ የእኔ ወላጆች በእኔ አንድም ቀን አዝነው አፍረው አያቁም፡፡ ምንም አይነት ችግር ያለባት ልጅ ያላቸው አይመስሉም፡፡ ሁሌም በእኔ ተደስተውና ማድረግ ያለባቸውን ብቻ እያደረጉ በየትናውም ቦታ አሰው እንደሆንኩ በማሰብ እንደፈለጉና እንደፈለኩ እንሸራሸራለሁ፡፡ ማድረግ ያለብንን ሁሉ አደርጋለሁ፡፡ በእርግጥ የእኔ ችግር ከእነእዝራ የተሸለ ሳይሆን አይቀርም፡፡ ት/ቤት ብቻየን ሄጀ እመጣለሁ፡፡ በእርግጥ በመንገድ ሰው ሲየን በጣም ይደነግጣሉ፣ በዚህም በጣም እፈራለሁ መንቀጥቀጤ እጅግ ይጨምራል፡፡
ለማንኛውም ሄለን፣ ሳባ ደምሴ እባላለሁ፣ የምኖረው ባህርዳር ከተማ ነው፡፡ አሁን የ12ና ክፍል ትምህርቴን ጨርሼ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ለመግባት በፍርሃት ላይ እገኛለሁ፡፡ ምክንያቱም እዚህ ላይ የደረስኩት በእናቴ ጥረት ነው፡፡ በየቀኑ፣ በየሳምንቱ ት/ቤት በመመላለስ… ብቻ ስንት ችግር ሰው ስለማይረዳኝ፡፡ ችግሬን ሰው ባለመረዳቱ ምክንያት በጣም የሚገርሙ ችግሮች ገጥመውኝ ግን ከችግሩ በሰላም ወጥቻለሁ፡፡ ለማንኛውም ስለእኔ ማወቅ ካስፈለገሽና በተለይም የምማርበትን ሁኔታ ሊያመቻችልን የሚችል ሰው ካለ እባክሽ በ0911335298 ደውልኝ፡፡
+1 #139 Mtape 2013-10-30 17:29
Dear Helen,
I need to get the information that you posted on last weekend program about cancer treatment in US. From what I was told is that there are organization that help undocumented people. I was trying to watch this episode but not posted. Is there any way that I can watch this program?
You can contact me :
+1 #138 Mtape 2013-10-29 21:24
Hi Helen , I am trying to get information about your weekend show concerning cancer treatment in US. Could you send me the link to to that show? I was informed by your show follower that undocumented people can get cancer treatment in US for free. Is this only in the east coast or south too?
Please give me the information.
+1 #137 Alemtena 2013-10-29 19:30
Dear Helen,
I just watched your show about autism and it was interested.
Except you make a big mistake by not mentioning or asking W/ro Elilta about the diet treatment, w/roakida's son benefited and and whether she knows about the therapy or not, please let as know for comparison.
Thank you
-2 #136 yehualawork eshete 2013-10-25 09:52
Hi helen , as a women i am impressed by the discussion arranged by you with cancer survivors.it is a wake up call for every people especially for women/girls. It is a learning point to take precautions. Lastly ,i feel very sorry about your sister's death. A mother of five shouldn't die. Any ways may her soul rest in peace.Berchi!!!
+1 #135 hailu gebru 2013-10-01 06:23
hi helen , iam interesting of your show and i learned many things from your show especially with pyrocrater makda. then i want to contact her because i have similar case and i want to talk her about pyrocratic. wantedgeb@yahoo .com
0 #134 Mane 2013-09-18 19:27
Dear Helen,

Your interview With Ato Daniel about farming and agro-proccessing was very intersting. I would be very grateful if you could email me his contact email. My email address is manaye@meconsul tingm.com
-2 #133 Sitotaw Legesse 2013-09-18 16:09
By the way, coming soon is from Jimma, '' Harnessing Mechanical Engineering for the Solution of African Farming''
+1 #132 Sitotaw Legesse 2013-09-18 14:56
Dear Helen,
Your Show is interesting and teaching. Particularly, your discussion with Daniel Gad has been an opportunity for me to learn and hunt for my partner as I am introducing a new farming tool for small land owner of African farmers.
Please Keep on Being Salt and Light to Africa!
+2 #131 Daniel 2013-09-18 10:51
I need to talk to mr Daniel Gad
Can you pls give him my e mail

is my email
i have some business proposal for him

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